When you decide to make the jewelry designs I designed, you can have more details if you watch the videos on the TV screen.

We will make an easy necklace work that I named snowflakes. This necklace tie style will be a work out. We will again use single easy peyote work in the merging process. In this way, we will reinforce the easy return of the single easy peyote that I have presented to you.

How to make an easy turn in a single easy peyote

You can get help from subtitles.

You can find other peyote works I have worked with here.

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Time stamps

00:00 Tie necklace description 

00:35 The materials we will use 

01:50 We start to study the necklace 

07:39 I study single easy peyote 

16:35 I'm starting the Peyote merge process