Friends, this jewelry design video tutorial can be described as advanced. In this study, a study we did using the brick stitch technique, this time we will string the beads first and then knit the beads using the easy peyote technique. In this way, our work will be silky soft. When you decide to do the work, I recommend you watch the video carefully from the very beginning. It was a long video, I recorded all the details as I didn't want to skip anything. As I always say, I make the shooting process completely improvised, you can use the information I have given between you as practical information in this study or other works, skipping a little detail may cause your work to not be what you want. One of the reasons why I go to innovation in this way in techniques is looking for an answer to the question of how we can produce faster. Throughout my 12 years of publication, I get this question from my followers who make and sell many products. I think I have created solutions for you, and it will be easy for those who will do the work.  

I recommend you to watch the jewelry design training videos on large screens such as computers or tablets, in order to gain more control of the details of the study. Do not forget that you have the opportunity to watch the places you have difficulty in understanding while watching, by slowing down the speed of the videos.

You can get help in your own language by using subtitles.