In this study, we will work with you a thin macrame bracelet with Matubo PaisleyDuo beads. It will be a useful and elegant bracelet. After understanding the logic of work, you can create different combinations by making changes.

Dear Nazo jewelry design course followers, it is a serious job that requires training responsibility for both the giver and the field. For this, I try to share all the details with you both visually and as information. If you follow me through broadcasts, you will see that many questions in your mind have been answered. If you have questions that you could not find an answer, write to me in the comments section under the YouTube video, and I want you to know that I will gladly answer you.

When you decide to do the study, I recommend that you watch the broadcasts on large screens such as computers and tablets instead of watching the broadcasts on the phone, in order to have all the details in the training video I prepared. If you have the opportunity, I suggest you watch it on the TV screen. Once you watch it on the TV screen, you will agree with me and you will not prefer to watch it on another channel in terms of video quality. While doing the study, you can watch the broadcast in slow motion in places you have difficulty understanding or you can stop and master all angles, you can get help from subtitles in your own language.

You can access the part of the video you want to watch using the timestamps below.

00:06 Description of Matubo PaisleyDuo macrame bracelet 

01:51 The materials we will use 

04:56 I'm starting to study macrame 

23:04 I'm placing Matubo PaisleyDuo beads 

39:36 I'm placing the second set of beads 

54:43 Quadruple knitting in the handle section 

01:00:07 I'm starting to work the other side 

01:06:59 I'm cleaning the extra ends

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