I'm a jewelery designer and a jewelery design teacher. I give all my jewelry design training free of charge on the YouTube.com/NazoDesign channel. I try to make the studies quite revealing. You can get help from subtitles in all languages while you are working. 

You can watch how these bracelets are made from this video. It will be a very easy work. The list of materials I used while doing the work is available in the video. I recommend using FireLine or rope while working. I do not recommend using fishing line while doing the work, because the work is hard.

If you have questions, I recommend you watch the video first and check the pre-asked questions on the YouTube channel. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, I'm always ready to answer your questions on the YouTube channel. 

If you want to buy the products I designed, you can use the website of Nazo Design (This site is powered by Etsy) or you can have it from the Etsy store.