Studying kilim woven necklace requires a long time and patience. You will witness this when you watch the videos I have prepared. I hope that the explanations I made in the videos will help you. You can get help from subtitles while watching training videos.

Before starting to work, let me transfer to you the materials that should be ready at hand. First of all, you need to have a template printout, you can find these template printouts by searching on the Internet. You can adjust their output according to the size you will work in. I prefer A4 size. We also need a soft board in A4 size, I leave you the choice of thickness. If your board is thin and spikes stick out, you can work on a thick magazine. I worked at the desk so that you could understand more clearly. In the studies in the literature, it is stated that materials such as foam and needles are preferred, but since we will apply force during the work, wood and nails make it easier to apply. While creating our hoop, I use nails called glass nails. What I have stated here is entirely my own preference. You can understand the template reading and placing part more clearly by watching the videos. I use wax thread as a tensioning thread. In addition to the ethamine needle and fishing line, I use colored threads that we know as muline, which is our main material. You don't need to use expensive rope. Some of our friends use DMC brand rope. After preparing your template, I recommend that you take two of the threads. As you can see in the video, I use plastic needles used to sew sweaters in the knitting process. I think you will understand better by seeing my next explanations in the videos I have prepared.

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How to make a woven rug necklace part 1

How to make a woven rug necklace part 2

How to make a woven rug necklace part 3

How to make a woven rug necklace part 4

How to make a woven rug necklace part 5

How to make a woven rug necklace part 6

How to make a woven rug necklace full

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