After about four months of preparation, the video of the patchwork bracelet was finally completed. I am sharing the template of the bracelet with you in advance. The friends who will work can print out after clicking and saving the photo below. The photo is in A4 paper size, I strongly recommend you to print the print out in full size, because we will work on this template.

I am currently editing the video, I will first share it with the members during the preparation phase of the video. Members who want to do the work in this process can access the "Videos for Members" section and start working on the patchwork wristband.

How to make a patchwork bracelet with Nazo

Update: 30 October 2020

With this work, I tried to apply the patchwork technique on the bracelet. A different study emerged. You can find all the details in the wristband design training video. You can get help from subtitles in all languages. If you have any questions, I will always be happy to answer you in the comments section of the video.

Time stamps

00:00 Description of the patchwork bracelet

02:58 The materials we will use

04:57 We start working the patchwork wristband 

01:12:47 The upper part of the patchwork bracelet we start working

01:21:13 We sew the snap fastener buckle

01:31:59 How to sew crystal beads

01:40:26 How do we make daisies